Famous Photographs That Fooled The World

My culture the camera never lies goes the old adage interesting but Photoshop would like to have a word with you about that over  the years there have been many misleading photos some outright fakes some staged some taken out of context here are just a few of them

Hurricane Sandy shark

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otherwise known as Jaws in autumn vacation after hurricane sandy stuck in 2012 this photo did the round purportedly showing a shark swimming submerged street in New Jersey well turns  out the photo was fake also circulating after Hurricane Irene in 2011 the original photo actually dates back to 2005 depicting the shark following a kayak

The surgeon’s photograph

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One of the most famous and widely circulated photos in the 1930s supposedly depicts the head neck and upper body of the Loch Ness monster a photographic cocktease second only Bigfoot himself people still believe in Nessie today despite it being revealed that whats in the photo is actually a toy submarine with a cardboard head and neck.

The Cottingley Fairies

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created infamous pragmatist and debunker paranormal theories sherlock Homeless Sir Arthur Conan Doule also believed in fairies as such he championed the Cottingley fairies photos taken by Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright in 1917 which depicted fairies, however decades later Frances and Elsie themselves admitted that they were, in fact, f0rgeries that the fairies were just cardboard cutouts but they’ve been too embarrassed t0 tell the author of Sherlock Holmes the truth number

 Lunch on the Skyscraper

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You’ve seen this photo it’s on the most iconic in history depicting a brave if batch lunch of skyscraper constructors in the 1930s. Now, this isn’t to say that lunch atop a skyscraper as it’s called is fake there. Real workers really up that high but it’s not a candid photo depicting your average lunch for these men it came out in 2012 that the whole thing was staged as a publicity stunt by the new Rockefeller Center which is the skyscraper these men just happen to be building.