Researchers Find ‘Advanced’ 320,000 Year Old Human Tools In Kenya

this evidence of early innovation pushes back the human evolutionary timeline effectively rewriting history and everything we knew about our ancestors this also means that complex human cultures are much olden than previously thought an international group of scientists has discovered that more than 320.000 years ago humans were much more developed than initially thought the new discovery proves how ancient people developed impressive social structures and technological innavations used color pigments and manufactured more sophiticated tools than previously thought as noted by the smithsonian these newly discovered activities approximately date to the oldest known fossil record of homo sapiens and occur tens of thousand of years earlier than previous evidence has shown in Eastern Africa evidence for mankind’s ancient milestone originates from the allure daily Basin in southern keyna expert have excavated an archaeological site that offers an unprecedented record of early human life spanning more than a million years. Archeologists say that many of the tools dicovered on the site were crafted from obsidian a hard dark glass like volcanic rock in addition to the numerous tools experts aksi found that ancient cultures used color pigments much sooner than previously thought the new finding are reported in three different studies published in the journal Science that papers suggest the trading of different artifacts emegred environmental ypheaval in the region when earthquakes ravaged the area and temperatures and the climate in general fluctuated between wet and dry periods this change to a very sophisticated state of behaviors that involves greater mental abilities and more complex social lives my have been leading edge that distiguished our lineage from other early humans sad Dr. Rick Potts.